Sensual Wax Melts – Ylang Ylang Oil


Strength and Grounding

Infused with Ruby Crystal, blended with Ylang Ylang and aligned to the Base Chakra.

Affirmation – “I am a strong and powerful creator. I am safe and loved.”

Our brand new candle wax melts, made from natural beeswax, pure aromatherapy and are completely toxin free.

Each hand poured with the highest quality aromatherapy and pure oils, to hold the scent. Homeopathic crystals infused for that wonderful clarity and clean air you are used to with our candles, but in sweet heart shapes to enhance your home or therapy practice. They have all the wonderful qualities of our candles but in the form of melts for your oil burners.

Infused with ylang ylang and patchouli oil for deep grounding and connection to the earth. Grounding our spirituality allows us to reach great heights of connection. Clary sage and bergamot remind us that the earth is our provider with hints of winter walks and falling leaves to help the connection keep us strong. Homeopathic ruby crystal is said to help enhance our sense of belonging and safety.

Our candle melts are made from the honeycomb of the honeybee. It is 100% chemical free, environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and totally natural. Best of all it is the only wax that emits negative ions which help to purify, cleanse and improve the air you are breathing! Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a natural ionizer.

Read more about the benefits of why we chose natural bees wax to use in our melts.


Bag of 10 mini heart melts.

Hand poured in small batches – Non Toxic – 100% Recyclable – Natural & Organic Ingredients – GM Free – Biodegradable

Mailed in slim postal boxes that will fit right through your letterbox.


Remove all packaging. In the well of your oil burner, place 2-4 wax melts, depending on the size of your burner. Use with unscented tealight, keep out of reach from children and pets. Place oil burner on heat protected surface. Do not leave burning wax melts unattended.

Warning: Contains Almond Oil


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Weight 5 kg


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